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Is your hair thinning?

If you have fragile hair and desire a more voluminous look, hair extensions for thin hair may be just what you need Studio 5 can do this for you…. First, it’s all about length and thickness. Purchasing 24 inch hair extensions will add layers to frail hair and bulk up the tops and side of […]


Summer Hair Care Tips

Summertime Hair Care Tips Most of us are quick to acknowledge the need to protect our skin from the rigors of sun, but what about our hair?? Summer is a season of exposure to sun, salt water, and chlorine — not to mention a few extra chemical sun streaks for style — can come together […]

Hair Extensions as a Solution for Hair Loss

Hair Extensions: A Quick Fix for Thinning Hair Hair styles can be greatly varied with the use of hair extensions. These can add incredible volume and length to a person’s hair. Hair extensions also help those who suffer from thinning hair, baldness or alopecia. They work well for women and men who are just looking […]

Scalp Related Hair Loss

Losing your hair is never something that you expect, regardless of the reason. We all know that the chance of us having our hair thin increases as we age, and if you undergo treatments like chemotherapy, that too causes your hair to fall out. If you lose your hair because of a skin condition, what […]

Motherhood and Hair Loss: Is There a Link?

When you were little, your exasperated Mom probably said, “You kids are making me tear my hair out!” That wasn’t true, of course, but there are real factors that can cause thinning hair or female hair loss during motherhood. The culprits are hormones, which can change with pregnancy, birth control pills and aging. Still, every […]

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

Be honest, how often have you looked at those models in the glamour magazines and wished you had hair like them. The truth is, many of those models use hair extensions to create hair that looks glamorous. Hair extensions are also a wonderful solution for women experiencing hair loss or who have thinning hair. It’s […]


Best Hair Styles for Your Job Interview

Hair Styling Advice for That Next Job Interview How you style your hair for a job interview can be just as important as the interview clothes you wear. After all, the interviewer is going to notice everything about you – including your interview attire, hairstyle and makeup. That first glance is important and you’ll only have […]

Wigs based on Face Shapes……

With so many wig styles on the market it can be overwhelming to choose the right kind to make you look best….. Your face will be one of the four shapes below: Round: If your chin and hairline are rounded, this is your face shape. The correct wig for a round face shape will be […]

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Why use Organic Products?

We absorb a lot of the products into our body when we use products. Using organic and paraben free products means less chemicals absorbed into your body. It can help with allergies and sensitive skin or scalp issues, sometime you may just need an organic product to get rid of the dry scalp. If you […]