Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summertime Hair Care Tips Most of us are quick to acknowledge the need to protect our skin from the rigors of sun, but what about our hair?? Summer is a season of exposure to sun, salt water, and chlorine -- not to mention a few extra chemical…
Human Hair Wigs - Synthetic Wigs

Is There A Difference Between Natural Hair Wigs & Synthetic Wigs?

You could be considering to get your very first wig or perhaps you have several but looking to get another. There has long been a debate over natural hair wigs and synthetic wigs. When looking at getting a wig, we should look at the features…
Female Hair Loss Myths

Female Hair Loss Myths vs. Reality

Since it’s June and summer is truly upon us here in the Mechanicsville area, I thought I would talk about a few of the many myths surrounding the topic of female hair loss. So here goes: A baseball hat does not cause you to go bald. …